This Friday the 13th: presents Strangelives!

Exhibition Summary:

Strangelives is a series of fictional biographies told with images rather than words. It is the recognition that any life, when viewed from the exterior, consists of a hodgepodge of anecdote, happenstance, mood, and place. To construct a life, to imagine the existence of another singular human being, is to bear witness to a string of accident and intention, risks taken, adventures endured, loves won or lost. Strangelives are the stories told by a collective of photographers from all over the world, and are pieced together with images that share a common aesthetic and narrative sensibility, despite being completely unrelated in space and time. These photographic poems en prose are intended less to provide a linear narrative of a fictional life than to invite viewers to re-arrange, re-interpret, and re-imagine each individual existence according to their own guise and pleasure. They are a reminder of the extraordinary chance of each and every life, whether real or fictional, strange or ordinary.

Exhibition opens: Friday, 13 September 2013
Exhibition dates: 13 September - 8 October 2013
Artget Gallery, Cultural Center, Trg Republike 5- Belgrade, Serbia.

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